Bob Ohnstad. How to cut hair.  Cut hair easier, faster and always produce excellent haircuts. Learn how to cut hair with scissors and clippers.
Outstanding how-to sicnce 1985

Bob Ohnstad's book and videos use a systematic approach to cutting hair that makes sense and is easily learned! Bob's how-to is a great resource  for barbers students, apprentices, master barbers and those considering barbering as a career.

Precision Clipper Cutting 1 video

Precision Clipper Cutting 1

Ivy league haircuts (Princeton and Harvard), the buzz cut (butch) and the short fade.

Precision Clipper Cutting 2 video

Precision Clipper Cutting 2

Tapered (regular) haircuts of all kinds.

Precision Clipper Cutting 3 video

Precision Clipper Cutting 3

Flat top and crew cut.


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Haircutting is Fun video

Haircutting is Fun

Tapered haircuts, Flat top and crew cut, and Ivy league haircuts (Princeton and Harvard), the buzz cut (butch), and the short fade.

Cuttin' Curly video

Cuttin Curly

Ethnic haircuts including the bald fade, brush fade, tapered cut, and tapered afro.

Precision Scissor Cuts video

Precision Scissor Cuts

Short-layered, long-layered (shag), short full, and the Bob haircut, with several variations of each.

 After reading the book or viewing the videos, you will have the skills needed to cut hair with confidence.

You'll be happy with our how-to.
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